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  • Coral Spotlight: Stylophora

    Stylophora are a branching small polyp stony coral from the Family Pocilloporidae. Stylophora shares that family with Pocillopora and Seriatopora and the three together are the only genera in the family. As a result of their close relativity to one another, all three of these genera share quite a lot in common.
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  • Substrate Update

    First some background...

    In 2016, the systems at Tidal Gardens are a mix of custom glass aquariums and Rubbermaid stock tanks. Originally back in 2002, all the tanks were some combination of 300 gallon and 150 gallon stock tanks because they were by far the most cost effective containers that were truly rugged. After all, anything that was built to be strong enough to get kicked by a horse or cow should hold up to the sort of beating we dish out here. Continue reading

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