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Monthly Archives: February 2016

  • Become a Patron of Tidal Gardens!

    Tidal Gardens is now on Patreon! If you are unfamiliar with Patreon, I describe it as a tip jar for Youtube creators. When I first started Tidal Gardens, I never expected to one day do so much with photography and videography. Now, I absolutely love making them, and I strive to make the best reef aquarium videos possible. Any donations I receive through Patreon will go towards making better content with greater frequency. Having said that, I will still be producing videos regardless of whether anyone patronizes my work! If you do decide to donate, I've set aside some perks for you. If you enjoy the content on Tidal Gardens, this is one way for you to say thanks which in turn makes it easier for me to make higher quality videos in the future. Also, if you have ideas for patron perks, please let me know!
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  • How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bounce Mushroom

    What you are seeing here is the most expensive coral in the hobby today. It is called a Bounce Mushroom, and one this size can sell for a house payment... on a million dollar home! In the video above I’ll discuss the trendiness of super high end corals but look a bit closer at what the deal is with these mushrooms.
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