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  • Five Oddball Symbiotic Relationships

    Symbiotic relationships are one of the most interesting parts of this hobby. A coral reef is a battlefield for real estate, however there are still these pockets of cooperation between completely different animals that is amazing. Everyone is very familiar with clownfish and anemones, and for good reason! This combination is likely responsible for drawing more people into the hobby than anything else. This article however looks at some less common partnerships.

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  • Five Thoughts on Square Spot Anthias

    Hi everyone, I don't often talk much about the fish in our tanks, but I’m here to talk a bit about Anthias with some help from Louise A.K.A. Miss SaltwaterTank. I like having her on whenever the topic of fish comes up because she’s much more into the fish keeping side of the hobby while I (quite predictably) am more into the coral side.
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  • Bangaii Cardinal Fish

    Please welcome our latest contributor to Tidal Gardens, Louise Maggs or Miss Saltwater Tank as she is known online. Louise is an avid aquarist from the U.K. as well as a YouTube and Instagram personality.
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