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  • Taking a look at Tunicates

    Tunicates or Sea Squirts are some of the most interesting organisms I’ve come across in the reef aquarium hobby. They come in an incredibly wide range of colors and shapes. The downside to keeping tunicates is often times they have very specific nutritional requirements that are not well documented. Continue reading

  • Five Oddball Symbiotic Relationships

    Symbiotic relationships are one of the most interesting parts of this hobby. A coral reef is a battlefield for real estate, however there are still these pockets of cooperation between completely different animals that is amazing. Everyone is very familiar with clownfish and anemones, and for good reason! This combination is likely responsible for drawing more people into the hobby than anything else. This article however looks at some less common partnerships.

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  • Coral Spotlight: Stylophora

    Stylophora are a branching small polyp stony coral from the Family Pocilloporidae. Stylophora shares that family with Pocillopora and Seriatopora and the three together are the only genera in the family. As a result of their close relativity to one another, all three of these genera share quite a lot in common.
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