Tidal Gardens recently started to bring in several varieties of clams for home reef aquariums. These clams are mainly giant clams from the Genus Tridacna such as T. maxima, T. crocea, T. derasa, T. squamosa, and T. gigas.

Clams are filter-feeding invertebrates and require phytoplankton periodically. Additionally, clams are known to deplete calcium and alkalinity in reef aquariums as they grow. It is important to closely monitor these parameters in your reef tank to ensure the optimum environment for these mollusks.

Please note! Clams have a very sensitive foot that they securely anchor to rubble or rock formations. If this foot is damaged, the area can get infected easily and the clam will likely perish. It is for this reason that we recommend allowing the clam to settle onto a piece of rock and left alone. Constantly moving the clam greatly increases the risk of it dying.

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