Toadstool Leathers

When people imagine soft corals, one of the most popular corals that come to mind is the Toadstool Leather Coral. Like its name-sake, the toadstool leather forms a large, mushroom-like shape from which long tentacles extend. They prefer modest lighting and strong flow in the aquarium and when provided favorable conditions can grow to enormous sizes. Toadstool Leather Corals are one of the few corals that host clownfish well as clownfish gravitate to them more than other types of coral and the coral itself is well adapted to handle the contact from the fish.

If you want to know more about this type of leather coral, please check out our blog on them. We go into far more detail on this iconic soft coral. Like many large leather corals, they have some level of toxicity that stony corals are sensitive to, but we talk about some strategies in our blog for managing the toxins before they become a major issue.

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