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  • Pour one out for our homie

    We lost our Australian Harlequin Tusk today :( He must have taken the Scottish independence referendum badly and decided to jump to his demise. We will miss you homie! Continue reading

  • Nano Reef Aquarium Refurbishing

    I am perhaps the least likely person to have anything to say about nano reef aquariums. In fact, the smallest system at the greenhouse is roughly 1,000 gallons, and if I had the floor space would go much larger! This makes any commentary on my part regarding nano reefs a little bizarre to say the least.

    Having said that, I came across an old 25-gallon acrylic aquarium in desperate need of TLC and decided to refurbish it. Continue reading

  • Trace Elements in the Reef Aquarium

    Trace elements are elements that appear in very small quantities in salt water. In analytical chemistry terms, they are elements in a sample that have a concentration of less than 100 parts per million (ppm). Trace elements are vital to all sorts of biological processes that occur in a reef aquarium. Continue reading

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