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Welcome to Tidal Gardens’ Reef Library

The reef aquarium hobby is a rather involved topic with a steep and unforgiving learning curve.  Reef keeping is not and has never been a particularly beginner-friendly pursuit.  Some might argue coral reef aquariums are every bit as unforgiving to experienced hobbyists as it is to beginners.  Even the most talented reef keeper occasionally stumbles into problems with their aquarium. 

It is for this reason that doing research in advance is so vitally important.  The more research the aquarist does before starting a tank, the more time and money is saved.  There are no really big secrets to doing well in this hobby.  There are no one-stop solutions or miracle chemicals to make your saltwater tank flourish.  Success in coral reef aquariums is a process of learning and finding small refinements that over time aggregate and become major improvements. 

This library series will cover a variety of topics that we hope will be helpful in your reef-keeping journey.   We expect to release more articles in the future.  Please check back often.

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