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One of the most common questions we get is about shipping live corals and the costs associated with shipping corals. Tidal Gardens ships coral orders next day service via FedEx Priority Overnight. The cost for shipping is a flat rate of $39.99 for orders under $250. There is no additional cost for large quantities of coral nor is there a charge for heat packs. Orders $250 and above for ship free!

Generally, Tidal Gardens prefers to ship corals on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Thursday is not ideal because if for some reason the Friday delivery is delayed, the package will sit until Monday, and such a delay would greatly increase the risk of the corals dying during transit. Often times, the delivery delay is due to bad weather where shipping companies can deny insurance payments for damaged goods as a result of the delay. Upon request, we will ship corals on Thursday for Friday delivery, but it is not recommended. Orders received on the preferred shipping days before 1pm can be shipped the same day. We will send an email to confirm shipping dates, but feel free to contact us specifying a particular shipping date.

International Shipping unfortunately is NOT available. We only ship to the United States. We do not have the permits in place to ship out of the country. Also the cost to send corals overseas would be cost prohibitive at this time. Shipping to Alaska and US Territories is available at an additional cost. Please include the Alaska/Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands Shipping Option in your order.

Saturday Delivery is available for an extra charge.  If you would like Saturday delivery, please purchase the Saturday Delivery Option here.

If you would like to Add Corals to an Existing Order, you can! We try to add new corals to our site several times per week so it is possible that something might catch your eye after you've placed an order. If your order has not shipped out yet, you can add items to the order by purchasing the new items like normal but selecting "local pickup" as the shipping option. Afterwards, you can request it to be combined with a previous order by email.

In the videos below, we demonstrate a couple ways we can send corals. Some types of packing we feel work better for some corals, for example, Zoanthid frags ship well in the plastic cups. Other corals may ship better in plastic bags. We will always use our best judgment on which packing method to use. If you have a strong preference for one type of packing, please state it in the order comments and we will try our best to accommodate.

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