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Aussie Mint Green Duncan

Our Aussie Mint Green Duncans have a cool green center and tentacles with purple undertones. This variety seems to grow in a very tight formation giving it a very bushy appearance. A very peaceful and easy to care for coral. Expect 1-2 heads per frag.

 Duncan Coral Care

Duncan corals, or Whisker corals, are a well loved LPS coming in a variety of colors. Hardy and peaceful these corals make excellent additons to many different types of reef aquariums. Please see below for additional care tips for Duncans as well as checking out our Top 5 Tips for setting up a reef.


Australia including the Great Barrier Reef.


Low to moderate lighting is recommended. Duncans are not overly picky about lighting intensity.

Low Light

Low light translates to about 30-50 PAR

Medium Light

Medium Light is between 50-150 PAR

High Light

High Light is anything over 150 PAR

Lighting is a loaded topic, so for a more in-depth discussion of lighting, please see our Deep Dive article.

 Water Flow

Lower water movement is recommended. Duncans kept in high flow area tend to not open well and struggle to capture food from the water column.


Duncans rely heavily on the products of their zooxanthellae. This coral may benefit from the addition feeding of foods such as Zooplankton and Mysis shrimp.


In terms of propagation, this genus has been successfully fragmented and has a quick recovery time.


Proper acclimation is extremely important considering the stress imposed on the animals by the shipping process. Please take a moment to review our Acclimation Guide.


The images were taken with a Canon 5D mk II and 100mm macro lens under T5 Fluorescent lighting. Quite a lot goes into how we go about shooting the corals and anemones you see on Tidal Gardens. For an in-depth look at our methods, check out our comprehensive Reef Aquarium Photography FAQ.

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