Acanthastrea Corals

Acanthastrea (or Acans for short) are a colorful and popular coral imported mainly from Australia and Indonesia. There are three common species of Acanthastrea commonly seen in our hobby, Acanthastrea lordhowensis, Acanthastrea echinata, and Acanthastrea bowerbanki. A much less common species is Acanthastrea hillae. Acans are highly sought-after for their amazing color and exotic patterns. As a part of our aquaculture efforts, we propagate as many of these Large Polyp Stony (LPS) corals as possible.

Like many LPS corals, Acans like to be fed and once trained extend their tentacles in search of food for much of the day. We also have found that Acanthastrea can change color dramatically. In our experience, Acans tend to develop the best colors under T5 lighting as compared to LED. Check back often to see our new WYSIWYG Acan corals available for sale online.

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